• Angleterre: (Ahn-glih-TEHR: a french word meaning England) is a troupe of dancers who perform traditional ritual dances from England. Included in our repertoire are Cotswald morris, step-dances, and the Rapper Sword dance.
  • History: Our Louisville-based morris team began dancing in 1985 as an English step-dance team of 3 members. A year later, we had 5 members and the Rapper Sword dance was added to the repertoire. Shortly thereafter, the team grew and we changed our focus to mostly morris and rapper.

  • The performers: Currently, the Angleterre dancers are
    • John Grossman Patty Kannapel
      Rick Rinehart Becky Rinehart
      Maureen Spencer Bruce Spencer
      Regina Young Rodney Young
      Don Corson Kathy Corson
      Linda Klein The Kids
  • Performances: We perform at festivals and special events such as Dickens on Main Street, Light up Louisville, Shakespeare in the Park, Cherokee Triangle Art Fair, and Bellarmine’s Irish Festival. We also perform for private engagements such as weddings and banquets. Our specialty is providing a series of short sets suitable for a roving environment or street festivals. We dance to live fiddle and whistle music.
  • Genre: The dances of Angleterre are particularly suited for programs emphasizing British tradition, such as Shakespearean festivals or medieval banquets.
  • Staging requirements: We need a minimum dancing area of 20′ x 20′. This space should either be a solid, hard-surface floor, level pavement, or smooth, grassy lawn Securely fastened risers may be used if the seams are taped. Musicians require amplification for stage performances only.
  • Booking information: Angleterre can put together a stage performance for an event ranging from 15 minutes to one hour. Street performances can be booked by the hour. Our fees are quoted individually based on the length of performance, location, and type of event. For booking and fee information, contact us at ashrun@win.net.